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Sovereign Islands Job

Sovereign Islands being one of the most prestigious residential locations on the Gold Coast, employed the services of Gold Coast Landscapes to enhance the beauty of this architecturally designed home. This job included paving, irrigation systems, garden creation, turfing and plant supply,

Job 1

For this home we did extensive structural landscaping involving the construction of multiple retaining walls, Paving, Drainage, Stair construction and lawn establishment to produce some very stylish walls.

Job 2

This job involved the construction of rendered bock walls, Timber retaining walls, Timber fencing and the paving. A focus was placed on the sub-surface drainage to ensure excess rain water did not spoil the pool or create foundational problems.

Job 3

This is another example of a complete new home landscaping job which included GB Tasman retaining walls, pavers and pebbles around the house, creating gardens supplying soil planting plants installing an automatic sprinkler system, Mulching gardens, building a water feature at the back of the house (outside the entertaining area) and finishing it off with the laying of Sir Walter Turf.

Job 4

This was a great little job where we transformed the pergola and pool area for this customer. Replacing the pool coping paving around the pool and under the pergola with a Claypave product called Regency Gold Paver.

Job 5

This client required that we construct a GB Tasman masonry retaining wall with columns and aluminum picket infills, retaining at the back, all the paving around the house, paved driveway concrete, timber boundary fences and hardwood slat fence returns.